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Risk_Cover-LDWhere were you when you heard the news? The Bataclan in Paris. The airport in Brussels. The nightclub in Orlando. The Christmas market in Berlin. And on and on. When did it all start? And can you remember a time when you were not afraid – when you felt safe?

In these troubled days, we are all a lot more security conscious than we used to be. We have gates where there used to be fences. Metal detectors in shopping malls. Home security systems where we used to just leave the back door unlocked.

But at what point does security move beyond precaution and become an idol that controls our lives? And what of the God-given command – or even design for life – that we live as risk-takers for His Kingdom? How can we live by faith in the face of fear?

In RISK, Shannon C. Deal takes on the idol of security and sheds light on a better way. RISK suggests that God has made us for adventure, and the safest place to be is on the mission to which He is sending us. After all, which is safer to live in—a castle built on sand or a tent securely fastened to the Rock?

RISK: Living By Faith in the Face of Fear is available in paperback and Kindle formats through Amazon, and will soon be available in a workbook format suitable for Bible Study groups.

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