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Teapots and Worship Pathways

Since I have become engrossed in these blogs on Worship Pathways (inspired by Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Pathways and our summer series at The Well), I have neglected the tea side of this blog. I thought maybe it was time to remedy that, and began to wonder: which of my personal teapots […]

A Cup of Tea

When the world is all at odds And the mind is all at sea Then cease the useless tedium And brew a cup of tea. There is magic in its fragrance, There is solace in its taste; And the laden moments vanish Somehow into space. And the world becomes a […]

Tea Making Tips

A little while ago, I shared with you how to make a proper cup of English tea.  In case you need a little more help–or you happen to be running a canteen overrun with the local Home Guard–I have helpfully shared this wartime video with you: Some of my favorite […]

How to Make a Proper (British) Cup of Tea

In the Australian movie, “Muriel’s Wedding,” there is a small scene meant to hint to the audience that the bullied, insecure mother of the dysfunctional family is also incompetent. The loud-mouthed husband bellows at her, “Betty, make us a cuppa, wouldja?” and she obediently shuffles into the kitchen.  There she […]