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The Enthusiast Pathway

This one’s gonna be hard for me to write about. Here is a statement about the Enthusiast Pathway from Gary Thomas’ Sacred Pathways: Enthusiasts enjoy a celebratory form of worship as well as many of the more supernatural forms of faith. People with this spiritual temperament like to let go and […]

Teapots and Worship Pathways

Since I have become engrossed in these blogs on Worship Pathways (inspired by Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Pathways and our summer series at The Well), I have neglected the tea side of this blog. I thought maybe it was time to remedy that, and began to wonder: which of my personal teapots […]

The Intellectual Pathway

‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’ — that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know. (John Keats) For the Intellectual Worshipper, the truth of God contains great beauty and leads to worship. The more they study Scripture, the deeper they delve into theology, the closer they […]

The Traditionalist Pathway

Was there any place so lovely as my Grandma’s Episcopal church? Its tall, pointed stained glass windows seemed to point to heaven for prayer. I sat with my Grandma in the old wooden pews and read aloud with her the responses and petitions from the Book of Common Prayer.  At […]

The Contemplative Pathway

“I can sit for hours just thinking about the love of God,” she said. I at first assumed she was talking about some kind of theological rumination, puzzling over the paradoxes and dimensions of Scriptural descriptions of God’s love. But no. She meant, literally, that she could become drawn up […]

The Ascetic Pathway

We live in a noisy world. It is a world that would attempt to distract us with the baubles of material goods and acquisitions, and fill our minds and lives with busy activity. We live our lives with ear buds pouring sound in our ears, phones and computers dinging with […]

The Sensate Pathway

This is Part 1 of a series on Sacred Pathways.  To read the introduction to this series, click here on “Finding your Worship Pathway.” All of us experience our environment primarily via our five senses.  Smell, touch, taste, sight, sound – these are our windows on the world.  But how […]

Finding Your Worship Pathway

It seems like every time I’m on Facebook, someone is posting another personality test: Which character from Lord of the Rings are you? Which classic author do you most resemble? Find out which Pokémon you are! I can find out which Bible character I am, which Disney character I am, […]