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Tea Making Tips

A little while ago, I shared with you how to make a proper cup of English tea.  In case you need a little more help–or you happen to be running a canteen overrun with the local Home Guard–I have helpfully shared this wartime video with you:

Some of my favorite things about this video:

  • Ladies who say “orf” instead of “off”, doing the BBC vocal coaches proud
  • Large scary eyebrows on the “tea scientist” (who is obviously reading from the cue card)
  • “Mother’s” comment at 9:25 or so!

Not to mention the unstated assumption that a nice cuppa is a panacea for all evils, even midnight bombings and the threat of invasion…

And of course, the tea-making advice is still sound, whether you are making tea for yourself or for a mob of people in an air-raid shelter!

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