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Packing Poem

I have been absent from my blog for some time while packing up stuff from my 450m2 house and moving into a 50m2 apartment. I have been taking some of the time to go through some small stuff that has been waiting ages to be sorted and dealt with–things like photos, data CDs, VHS home movies, etc.  While doing this, I found this poem I wrote woman packingwhen we moved from Geneva.  It will serve as my apology for being gone from this space…

Pack the linens

Pack the books

Pack the shower curtain hooks


Pack the Legos

Pack the pants

(Don’t think I want to pack the plants)


Pack the dishes

Pack them now

(Should I keep this china cow?)


Pack the lampshades

Pack the clocks

(Save out several pairs of socks)


Sort the papers

File them all

(Shouldn’t this pile be getting small?)


Label boxes

Every one

By their species, genus, phylum;


And when every

Box is done

Pack me off to an asylum!

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