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A Cup of Tea

When the world is all at odds And the mind is all at sea Then cease the useless tedium And brew a cup of tea. There is magic in its fragrance, There is solace in its taste; And the laden moments vanish Somehow into space. And the world becomes a […]

Certain Grace and Taxis

Nothing, they say, is certain except for death and taxes.  I would like to add something else that is certain – and that is grace.  Which sometimes manifests itself in taxis. It was cold and dark, and I was tired.  Carlton and I were headed, with our friends Jay and […]

The Sensate Pathway

This is Part 1 of a series on Sacred Pathways.  To read the introduction to this series, click here on “Finding your Worship Pathway.” All of us experience our environment primarily via our five senses.  Smell, touch, taste, sight, sound – these are our windows on the world.  But how […]

Tea Making Tips

A little while ago, I shared with you how to make a proper cup of English tea.  In case you need a little more help–or you happen to be running a canteen overrun with the local Home Guard–I have helpfully shared this wartime video with you: Some of my favorite […]

How to Make a Proper (British) Cup of Tea

In the Australian movie, “Muriel’s Wedding,” there is a small scene meant to hint to the audience that the bullied, insecure mother of the dysfunctional family is also incompetent. The loud-mouthed husband bellows at her, “Betty, make us a cuppa, wouldja?” and she obediently shuffles into the kitchen.  There she […]

Finding Your Worship Pathway

It seems like every time I’m on Facebook, someone is posting another personality test: Which character from Lord of the Rings are you? Which classic author do you most resemble? Find out which Pokémon you are! I can find out which Bible character I am, which Disney character I am, […]